One of the newest escape rooms in WNY is The Exit Rooms Buffalo. Perfectly located in Orchard Park right across from the stadium, it's a nice change for people in the south towns that want to get their escape fix in and not have to drive north of the city!

The Exit Rooms Buffalo will soon have two rooms in operation and they told us plans for an offsite halloween one that I'm sure, after hearing what it will be, will be booked solid! As of now the only room in operation is The Lounge and it's the perfect blend of challenge and excitement. The room can handle 4-8 players and there are enough twists and turns to keep it interesting and yet challenging enough that you'll probably break down and ask for a clue. The premise of the room is that you've been hired to collect incriminating documents from a lawyer's home before the police arrive and not only get your boss in trouble but put you in the back of a cop car.

We went with a group of people from the station and had a BLAST! Three of us had previous experience with escape rooms and the rest were newbies who had no clue what to expect. It was a interesting mix of people because not everyone knew each other and I think that it actually worked to our advantage. Sometimes things can get heated in an escape room when you're with people you know but everyone kept their cool and brought a different approach to challenge which helped us defeat The Lounge! We made it out and only used one clue! The cool thing they do at The Exit Rooms is offer you clues but after your first clue each clue after that comes with a time penalty. So even if you make it out before the hour is up your time penalties could put you over.

I would absolutely recommend this booking a time slot and tackling this room. The cost ranges from $20-$25 depending on the day you go and if you have a small group they won't be put in the room with another group. The owners are super cool and you can make it a night because it's located right next to O'Neill's! AND according to The Exit Rooms website:

"Everyone 21 and over can enjoy a buy one get one free drink of your choice at O'Neill's Pub and Grill next door with each booking!"

Book your room now on their website or give them a call 716-646-8949!
The Exit Rooms Buffalo
3880 Abbott Rd. Orchard Park, NY
Facebook Page 

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