If there is one thing that we know about people who were born and raised here in Western New York is that we are all full of 716 pride.

I grew up in West Seneca but have lived all across the country and I would tell anyone who would listen, and some who didn't want to, how amazing Buffalo and Western New York are.

From the food to the people to the sports teams, we are all about the 716 but it seems that not everyone thinks as highly of our city and region as many Western New Yorkers do.

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Check out some brutal, soul-crushing, hit you right in the heart one-star reviews that people posted on the website niche.com about the Queen City.

Ugly and a gross high crime expensive area. Expect to see abandoned buildings with plywood on the windows and dirty needles from drug use. Don't take your eyes off your children for 1 second if you visit.

Ouch...ugly? I don't think this person has seen some of the amazing architecture that is around the region.

Don't let people who don't know anything better fool you. This place is bad. "Great food" = greasy takeout or mediocre pizza. Things to do? The waterfront? Ever seen a real waterfront? Our "renaissance"? Stemming the tide of businesses and residents abandoning the city is not a renaissance. Companies aren't coming here. Restoring buildings is not development.

What?? Taking a shot at the food? Western New York is the only place I lived where you can order a pizza, sub, taco, salad, fish fry, or lasagna all from one place.

I was born and raised here for 25 years. This city is a dump. This city hasn't seen a lick of money in God knows who long. Abanded houses and businesses everywhere, never ending construction that never gets done, lack of jobs resulting in 30% unemployment rate higher than national average.

You got us on the construction that never ends but there are plenty of places to get a job.

I was born and raised in Buffalo then left for 15 years and being back here has raised my anxiety to the max this is the worst place to start a family raise your kids and just live in general I can not wait to be gone from here.

Western New York has some of the best schools in the state and plenty of things to do for kids, so the whole "the worst place to start a family" argument doesn't fly with me.

Well, Buffalo might be good for you only if you never lived anything else.
First, weather is terrible - I would say it`s winter most of the time!
Housing market - is more affordable then some other places, but mostly houses are old and dated, I would not pay more for those honestly!
Pay - is mostly okay, it can cover costs of living, but taxes are very high, especially property taxes are ridiculously high.

Ok...it snows here in Buffalo, you know what else? It SNOWS pretty much everywhere in the country outside of Hawaii. Yes, the taxes are high but if you look at those other states that don't have income taxes, they tax you on other things like property taxes at a high level than in Buffalo.

I actually am going to move to Florida. Buffalo is too cold and snowy for me. I would change the high taxes, some of the rules that they have such as moving your car to the other side of the road, even in nice weather. I could understand this rule for the winter because of the snow plows having to get down the street, but I don't understand why you have to do it in nice weather.

I lived in Florida....call me in the middle of July when it is 99 degrees with 110% humidity!

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