Rex Ryan has finally spoken for the first time about his feelings about being fired by The Bills.  And what he had to say wasn't pretty.

The interview happened on Monday night with Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

In the article, he sounds angry about how it all ended with the Bills.  He admits that he set the bar too high.  The situation seemed right for him to come in after the head coach had quit, the team's quarterback at the time (Kyle Orton) had just retired, and the defensive coordinator had left.

He says that he was all-in for the Bills and that he wanted to be in Buffalo.

I put that truck (with the Bills logo) around town. I was all-in. Even though those other three had quit, I wasn't a quitter. I was ready. And I wanted to be there. And I wanted to win. And I thought I could win."

But, the love for the Bills pretty much ended the day he was let go.  He says he stripped his truck of the wrap that he had on it.  This is where it got ugly.  He will still root for one of his former employers but it won't be the Bills this time.

I don't wish them bad will," Ryan said. "I don't. But I don't wish them luck, either. I'll be honest: I don't wish them good luck. I don't wish them bad luck. I just don't wish them luck. I wish the Jets luck."

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