The NFL is underway conducting their week 18 schedule, as the Las Vegas Raiders host the Kansas City Chiefs today, while the Tennessee Titans visit the Jacksonville Jaguars.

All 16 NFL games this weekend will support Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who is still listed in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, after his cardiac arrest on the field during the first quarter of Monday Night Football against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Hamlin, however, continues to make a remarkable recovery as his breathing tube was removed on Friday and is neurologically intact.

All players are wearing "Love for Damar 3" t-shirts pregame and there will be a special announcement pregame. The Bills will do the most for Damar Hamlin in their pregame ceremonies on Sunday against the New England Patriots.

On Saturday, former Bills head coach Rex Ryan (2015-2016) talked about Hamlin on ESPN NFL Countdown and broke down crying while trying to talk about Hamlin saying "did we win?" to those around him when he first awoke from his sedation this week.

The video is incredibly powerful.

"We needed that. As fans, we needed it. This guy is a legend. I needed it as a dad, as a coach and as a fan of this game," said Ryan.

The Bills need a Raiders win to have a chance at being the number 1 seed in the AFC playoffs, while a Bills win against the Patriots on Sunday means the Bills are guaranteed to not go to Arrowhead Stadium in the AFC Championship game, even if the Chiefs win and are the number 1 seed.

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