I thought this was a joke and it is not.

Angus Rib Roast Beef is already a 'premium' meat that is more than other beef items, but holy smokes have the beef prices gone up or what?

This rib roast is $27.99 a pound and at 8.88 pounds, this piece of meat came out to a whopping 247.99 dollars. Lisamarie Smith, found this at the Wegmans in Williamsville and posted it on Facebook yesterday morning, where the comments were met by disbelief reactions.

To put it in comparison of how much prices went up, retail ground beef prices averaged $4.12 in 2020 which is up 31 cents from 2019 before the pandemic.

SHORTAGES: So many items have been going up in price since that pandemic started in the early months of 2020. I went to go get some countertop paint from Home Depot and, for months, they were out of the paint and when they finally got it back in the store it was doubled in price! What about furniture? Now, the prices have not seemed to have gone up too much, but if you wanted to order furniture from the store it will take months to come in!

There have been so many shortages since the pandemic started. It all began with a toilet paper shortage, then chlorine tablets, cream cheese or lumber shortages, and gas.....err maybe the gas thing is a whole other story (lol) 

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