Not that I've ever gotten fired or know exactly how these will get your fired....But, it's common sense, and we've all seen these instances at our jobs before, no matter where you work.

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  • 1

    Lying on your job application / resume

    If you're going for a prestigious job, they're going to check. So face it, you weren't the president of the Student Union for four years...

  • 2

    Being indiscreet about your job hunt

    I mean, don't tell them that THEY are going to be an option to you. I hear this from my friends all the time. YOU NEED THEM. You are their option, and quite frankly, almost anyone's replaceable.

  • 3


    Don't be Gossip Gary or Debbie Downer. They weren't voted 'most fun' by their class.

  • 4

    Taking too many personal calls / Being on you phone

    Facebook will survive without you. So will Twitter, and so will your girlfriend for eight hours. Unless your kids are DESPERATE, they can wait. Besides, it looks pathetic that you can't live without your phone...

  • 5

    Checking out the web

    Odds are that even if you delete your browsing history, there is an IT person at your job that can still check what you've been doing. Your break is 30 minutes, not an hour and 30.

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