Humans do not deserve dogs. They give us unconditional love every single day and it's no surprise why so many people make them a part of their lives.

My wife and I have a rescue dog named Odessa, who we adopted back in June of 2018. She has been nothing but amazing over the last five years. She's the nicest dog I have ever come across and to this day, it's incredible to us that she was ever at a shelter.

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There are so many dogs who need homes, who are at a shelter to no fault of their own. It's even more heartbreaking when dogs are at shelters for as long as Rocco has.

Rocco has been at the Niagara SPCA for the past 394 days -- well over a year. He has not had a single meet-and-greet. That's right, nobody has shown any interest in him, even though he's an incredible dog.

The reason he's at the SPCA? His owner died. Rocco is at the SPCA and it's not because he's a bad dog, it's because the person who loved him passed away. Now, nobody else has shown interest in him and that's awful to hear.

Rocco is only four years old, too. He still has a good 8-10 years of life left to live and hopefully, he will be adopted very soon.

Some dogs spend a week or two at the SPCA. Others like Rocco spent over a year or even closer to two years at the shelter.

Let's get Rocco a forever home!

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