There is a crime spree that’s happening in the Rochester New York area. Police in Monroe County and in Rochester are reminding you to lock your car and keep any valuables out of sight.

This incident that was reported below is also a reminder that when you leave your house, even if just for a quick walk, you may want to lock the house. These thieves were just capitalizing on an easy opportunity.

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There have been a string of break-ins and car thefts that have been happening in the Rochester area recently and if you drive anywhere in the Monroe county area you are reminded to try not to make your vehicle an easy target for thieves.

I’m not that old, but I do remember a time when we would leave the house unlocked! Similar to the story above, we would just leave the doors open and not have to worry about anything happening. I certainly remember leaving keys right in the car in the driveway. But this is a different time and we lock just about everything now. We even have Ring cameras that allow us to monitor the doors around our house as these days. Perhaps one day there will be a similar set up for the inside of vehicles?

Until that day happens, be aware of your surroundings and always try to make sure that you don’t have cash or change or electronics or purses laying with insight in your car or truck. Lock those doors and keep the house locked up as well.

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