November 27th is the last date that Ken DeLand Jr. was in contact with his parents.  They haven't heard from him since.  But now, he's been found.

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DeLand Jr. is a senior at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY.  Up until today, he's been considered "missing" because his parents haven't heard from him for about half a month.  He sent them a message on his WhatsApp on the 27th, then seemed to disappear.  Ever since that date, people around the world have been looking for him.

According to CNN, his father Ken DeLand Sr. was able to speak with his son today.  He is alive and well in Spain.

Ken DeLand Jr. has been studying abroad at the University of Grenoble Alpes in France.  He loves to hike and many thought that may have been where he went, but his father said it was very uncharacteristic of him to do so without staying in touch.

“For him to not reach out, with no correspondence, this is very uncharacteristic of my son. This is what creates all the worry that any parent could ever feel.” - Ken DeLand Sr. when talking with Anderson Cooper on CNN

DeLand Jr. says that he decided to call his parents when he saw himself on the news.  It was only then that he realized that he had been reported missing.

There is a website that his family put together to help publicize the search now says: "KENNY HAS BEEN FOUND. We will update with more information as we get it! THANK YOU to everyone for helping us bring Kenny home!"

His mother has gone to France to bring him home.

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