While the Buffalo Bills have been performing well on the field, the big talk off the field since June has been the potential new stadium in the works for the franchise.

Reports surfaced in June of the Bills wanting to build a new stadium in Orchard Park, while an AP report stated the team proposed a 60,000 seat stadium to use by 2027. The total cost would be $1.4 billion.

But while it's been said that Bills ownership wants a new stadium to stay in Orchard Park (across from Highmark Stadium's site), there's been talk of a proposed Old First Ward site, which the state has been looking into as well.

It's reasonable to assume that talks will continue for a while between the Bills, Erie County, City of Buffalo and State of New York. How much of the stadium is taxpayer funded remains to be seen.

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke about the Bills stadium situation on Tuesday. Goodell says things are "progressing in a positive way" when it comes to stadium negotiations. He also talked about the fact this will be a public-private partnership for funding.

This from Tim Graham of The Athletic.

Goodell want on to speak about the public-private partnership.

The AP reported back in late August that the expectation is the county and state would be asked to cover more than 50 percent of the stadium project.

The price of a stadium downtown would be roughly $2 billion, vs. a $1.4 billion cost for an Orchard Park stadium.

It's safe to say that this will continue for a while, but there is a deadline approaching. July, 2023 is when the current lease between Highmark Stadium and Erie County runs out.

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