You know what they say about the game being closer than the final score? Well, that's not the case here.

A rugby match between Royal Kituro and Soignies, two squads in Belgium's top division, ended with Royal Kituro squeaking out at a 356-3 win.

It's not that Royal Kituro executed the most perfect game plan. It's that Soignies didn't come to play. And we don't mean that in a coach speak "they weren't ready to play" way, either.

Most of the players on Soignies left the pitch before the game started because the referee was late, so they assumed the game would not be played.

They should've remembered the old adage about how you shouldn't assume because you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me" since the ref did indeed show.

Whatever players were still on hand stuck around so the team could get at least one point in the standings. Soignies stood around like customers at a DMV, while Royal Kituro moved up and down the field like an air hockey puck.

The result? A nail-biting 353-point win. Knicks fans should look at that and realize things could be worse.