The Buffalo Sabres lost once again on Monday night, this time to the expansion Seattle Kraken, 6-3.

Believe it or not, the Kraken scored not one but TWO shorthanded goals in the first period against Buffalo. Both shorthanded goals looked like a travel team playing a squirt house league team as the Sabres were outclassed by a franchise in just their second month of regular season games.

The attendance at Monday night's game actually broke the 10,000 barrier, as the Sabres had 10,004 total attendance against the Kraken. However, the recent blood and turkey drives (free tickets) surely helped inflate the numbers.

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If you have been to a game this season, then you are aware of just how bad it has gotten. I went to the abysmal game against the Calgary Flames and it was shocking how few people were inside KeyBank Center.

According to John Vogl of The Athletic, the Sabres are last in the NHL in attendance, and by a wide margin.

Earlier this month, the Sabres were averaging just under 8,000 fans, which is a jaw-dropping number, considering KeyBank Center holds over 19,000 fans.

The Sabres' deal for Black Friday and Cyber Morning included no fees on tickets, but unfortunately you had to buy five games or more to get that deal, which I can't imagine many people took advantage of.

The Sabres are being outdrawn in fans by markets like Arizona, who has one of the worst teams in recent memory -- plus, it's in Arizona.

How has it gotten THIS bad?

Yes, the team has not made the playoffs in a decade and they've been last a few times over that 10-year span, but this problem runs deeper than a lack of on-ice success. It shows the fanbase in Buffalo has absolutely had it with how this franchise has been run. The disconnect between the fans and the organization could not be greater right now.

I've lived here all my life and I've never seen anything this bad with the Bills or Sabres. The worst years of the Bills drought (2008-2010, 2012) were never even this bad.

If the Sabres get better and make the playoffs (I know, it's comical just saying that after what's gone on), then more fans will attend, but it's scary to think where the future goes after seeing how fans have totally abandoned this franchise in a market like Buffalo, which at one point had a waiting list for season tickets.

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