Sabres fans have been asking for a return to royal blue uniforms, for what seems like two decades now. The team changed from their traditional royal blue look in 1996 when the team moved into what was then called the Marine Midland Arena and switched to black and red uniforms from 1996-2006.

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While the original logo made a comeback in 2011, the royal blue colors have been missing since the '90s...but that all changed this morning.

According to the Sabres official accounts, they have made a return to royal blue with their new uniforms that will debut next season.

Check it out!

This week is a "Return to Royal," which means special giveaways and surprises will be in store for the remainder of the week. Many Buffalo landmarks will be lit up in royal blue on Wednesday to commemorate the team's return to their old look.

My dad and older brother have been asking for this my entire life (I grew up on the black and red jerseys). These new royal blue uniforms look great and I have to think many fans are happy about it!

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