Hair salons are one of the businesses that have been required to close in the orange zone in many parts of Western New York.

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The closures have been financially difficult for owners of those salons but they might be considering a plan to reopen sooner rather than later.

According to WKBW, hair salon owners in orange zones in Rochester are starting to rent space in Webster, which is a yellow zone. That's exactly what Michele Brown, owner of Michele & One L Co. did.

Jessica Jackson of Sisters Salon in Cheektowaga says the longer this lasts, she will also find space to rent in a yellow zone.

"If it gets to be to long and you're still open, I'll take you up on that offer because I can't afford to lose money. I can't afford to sit here and worry about paying bills," Jackson said.

It remains to be seen just how long the orange zone will last here in Erie County, especially with the potential of a red zone restriction looming, which would essentially be another lockdown, causing retail and other non-essential businesses to close.

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