Stefon Diggs is easily one of the best receivers in the NFL.  Remember pre-season when a Jets cornerback said he could "easily" cover him?

When you look at his stats, he seems nearly impossible to cover.  He's second in receiving yards (764).  He's tied for first with Travis Kelce for TDs (7).  He's tied for first with Tyreek Hill for receptions of 40+ yards (4).

He's really good.

Yet somehow, cornerbacks feel the need to talk smack about him before they play him.  You may remember as the Bills and the Green Bay Packers were running out of the tunnel last Sunday, one of the Packers' cornerbacks Jaire Alexander decided it would be a good idea to start jawing with Diggs.  It continued all game too.  What happened that game?

Diggs racked up 108 yards receiving and a touchdown.

Now, it's fair to argue that Alexander wasn't on Diggs the whole game.  As a matter of fact, he wasn't on Diggs for most of the game.  So why talk?  It's not like the punter was up in Diggs face?

Now, we remember one of the cornerbacks the Bills will face this weekend and how he was chirping in April. Rookie cornerback Sauce Gardner was convinced that he could "EASILY" cover Diggs 1-on-1.

I'm gonna just leave this here...


It's just bulletin board material at this point.

I get this point in the drafting process, he's applying for a job.  He has to display confidence.  He has to show that he's the best man for the job.  And he IS really good.  The question is, "Is he going to regret saying it after the Jets and the Bills actually square off on Sunday?"

We will see how he stacks up as the Bills take on the Jets at 1 PM on Sunday in New Jersey.

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