If you have grown up in Western New York, then chances are you have been to Adventure Landing in Tonawanda. The iconic location on Sheridan Drive has been a mainstay for mini-golf lovers in Buffalo and was once upon a time called Putt-Putt, although, a ton of people still call it putt-putt.

Those days of enjoying the mini-golf and arcade room look to be numbered.

The owner of Adventure Landing is retiring and listed the property for sale a couple of months ago, according to WGRZ. Now, it looks as if Adventure Landing will be turning into a restaurant.

The Town of Tonawanda Planning Board is meeting Wednesday night to review plans for Jim's SteakOut to transform the mini-golf and arcade destination into a drive-thru.

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If the plans are approved by the Town of Tonawanda, Jim's SteakOut would close its location at the corner of Sheridan and Belmont and move into the larger location at Adventure Landing.

Jim's SteakOut would also have a second parcel building that would be used for retail.

But what will happen to the animal statues at Adventure Landing? Apparently, the plan is to raffle the giraffe and baby giraffe off and the proceeds would go to the Buffalo Zoo, which is all kinds of cool.

Still though, it's sad that Adventure Landing looks as if it will be closing for good. I went there as a little kid and it's also the site of one of my first dates with my now fiancée. It's great that a local company will be taking over, however, and not a big box national chain.

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