It was kind of a scary moment at the Florida Georgia Line concert last night in Florida as everyone was evacuated from the arena in Jacksonville. Just around 10 o'clock, everyone was evacuated because the fire alarm went off....thankfully, by accident.

Of course, it was an uneasy feeling in the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas where 58 people were killed watching Jason Aldean headline the Sunday night show at Route 91 Harvest Festival.

After a brief evacuation, everyone was let back  in and the concert resumed around 11 PM. 

The smoke detector was triggered and many say they thought it was just part of the show.

One concert goer said:

An alarm went off. It sounded like it was a sound effect at first, like, part of the show. The band rushed off stage. There was confusion for a few seconds. The lights went on. People were looking around and security guards came in through the rows, telling people to get out, an emergency was going on. Everyone was rushing down the stairs, rushing down the escalators and no one had any answers as to what was going on...everyone got out of the building really fast."

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