With online shopping becoming the way that people buy things, many brick and mortar stores are going away.  The announcement came today that Sears will be closing their last WNY Location.

It's been holding on as long as it could, but they announced that the Sears location in the McKinley Mall will be closing by February of 2020.

According to The Buffalo News, it will be the last time the Western New York area will be without a Sears store in 90 years.

They were once the nation's largest retailer but this year will be closing 96 stores nation-wide.

The announcement was made last October that they would begin closing stores.  They have already closed the ones in the Walden Galleria, Summit Park Mall, Boulevard Mall, and the Eastern Hills Mall.

The focus now changes to the McKinley Mall.  A shopping mall that has already been struggling is about to lose yet another large tenant.


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