It's another store closing in WNY. The past few years have not been good for major chains in the United States, let alone WNY. Earlier closings of J.C. Penny and Radio Shacks have affected the area and now we can add two Sears locations to list.

The Sears locations at the Walden Galleria in Cheektowaga and the Boulevard Mall in Amherst have officially shut their doors. The announcement that the closures would happen came in January so it's not a surprise that the doors were closed. Sears announced that the locations on the closure list would be closed by April, according to Business Insider.

Two WNY Sears Closing
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So what does that mean for the two malls that have a giant vacancy to fill? According to The Buffalo News, Sears and their partners are working towards finding sub-leasers for both properties.

For now you can still make your visit to Sears at Eastern Hills, Summit Park and McKinley Mall locations. These will remain open unless Sears starts to rollback more closures in the future, then the locations could make the next round of stores to close.

With on-line shopping on the rise the brick-and-mortar stores are really feeling heat. It is hard to keep up with free two day shipping and the convenience of not having to drive to a location to purchase items but it is also sad to know the days of going to an actual store and getting that face to face interaction may be limited. The multiple closures are also leaving a lot of empty store fronts and buildings that will sit vacant if new owners and businesses don't move in. Will they just sit vacant and rot away or will the communities be able to repurpose the buildings or land? Time will tell.

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