It's another store closing in WNY. The past few years have not been good for major chains in the United States, let alone WNY. Earlier closings of J.C. Penny and Radio Shacks have affected the area and now we can add two Sears locations to list...
WNY School + Business Closings
Over 250 closings today! A week after nearly 60 degree temps we are telling you school closings today--only in Buffalo!
As of March 14, all Erie County officials will still report to work. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect through Wednesday at 8 PM, where WNY is expected to total about a foot of sn…
Is your school closed?
Buffalo weather is never fully predictable…but one thing you CAN always count on is staying up to date on school and business closings here!
Creative Closing
We have quite a few closings coming in today due to the bad weather. I'm sure it gets pretty boring for administrators to day in and day out just call up and say, "Our school is closed today," so this principal has taken it to a new level.