Around this time every year whether it's at your workplace, a company party or even a family party, you know the "Secret Santa" exchange is going to happen. If you really want to get that person a gift they're going to really like, it's a tough putt! For a few reasons.

You may not know the person you're buying for that well (in an workplace setting). it's possible all you know about them is their gender and maybe what their job is. Maybe. Then, there's the spending limit; usually around 20 or 30 dollars. How do you buy something they'll actually like and not feel like as soon as you walked away, they threw your $20 dollars in the trash? I'm going to answer in the style of Family Feud.

We asked a bunch of people on the interwebs...the top ten answers are on the board (or, listed below as the case may be); What's a Secret Santa gift people actually want? Survey says...Booze!

Yeah, apparently, alcohol is always a winner at any Secret Santa exchange. Another idea might be tickets to a football game. Now that the Buffalo Bills have gone to this new variable pricing scheme, you could always give a pair of tickets to a game and still come in on budget. And if you're going to get candy, it had better be sponge candy. It's the law, isn't it?

Here's how the voting turned out -

1. Alcohol
2. Chocolate
3. A gift card
4. A book
5. Candles
6. Money - So just stuff $25 in an envelope and be done with it.
7. Candy - So chocolate and other types of candy BOTH made the list.
8. Socks - Really? I guess if you invite Mom and Dad to the party this might make sense...
9. Perfume or cologne. For 20 or 30 bucks though, it might smell like feet. So, see "Socks".
10. Bubble bath

Or you could always make a donation in their name to a charity. My personal favorite is "The Human Fund". Money, for people.

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