To celebrate 40 years of Dale Mussen in Buffalo Radio we've started #MussenMondays. This is where we broadcast from some of Dale's favorite places in WNY. Last week we kicked it off at Paula's Donuts and this week we decided to pick Dale up at his house and let him take us to some unique places in the area and he didn't disappoint.

Our first stop was at the City of North Tonawanda's City Hall. At this location JFK gave a speech to thousands. Pretty cool history that I didn't know about. The parking lot isn't that big and Clay wondered where everyone stood! Also, it should be noted that I messed up the tweet. It should say "City of North Tonawanda City Hall".

The next stop on our tour was the Allan Herschel Carrousel Museum. This is where carrousels, merry-go-rounds and other amusement rides were built. Dale said that it's been said that back in the day they would ring a bell when one of the carrousels was finished and kids from the neighborhood could come and test ride the carrousel. Can you imagine the forms that would have to be filled out today to do that?

Our next stop was the old Melody Fair sight! Now I've hear many stories about Melody Fair from both Clay and Dale and while it is now a Walmart it's still fun to see where it used to be. It's crazy to things a plaque or some sort of sign isn't on the property to talk about what used to be there.

We then traveled a couple hundred yards to the next stop which was The Wurlitzer Building. Here they used to make organs, pianos and jukeboxes. Dale said the made some of the best in the world and they did make them up through the 70's. A woman who stopped by to grab a selfie works in the building and says that there are still some pianos in the building.

While we were here Kim stopped by for a selfie but needed some help. Dale to the rescue! This is a pretty funny exchange. And Dale is doing great with his selfie taking skills!

This next part of the tour got weird. We were driving for awhile and could not see any notable markers. At one point I turned to Clay and mouthed "Where are we?" Well, Dale didn't disappoint! We were on our way to the Falls, but no just the Falls we were headed to Goat Island!


I've heard Dale talk about Goat Island before but I had never been there. Wow, what a beautiful place! We were able to get out of the #TOCTundra and actually go all the was over the bridge and to the edge by the rapids and  DO OUR SHOW! A first for us and maybe Buffalo Radio.

What a great morning with the crew! As always we have to thank our engineer and driver Larry! He keeps up on the road and on the air! We also need to thank Keith Kelly who also keeps up on the air, on time and you updated on traffic when I'm not able to! We have a great team and that's what makes Mussen Mondays even more enjoyable for us!

Can't wait to see where we go next week!

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