I was getting my cut and colored the other day and over heard one of the stylists talking about her visit to Nashville. Her husband sang a song at the infamous Tootsie’s and the guy who introduced him said ‘Our next singer is from Buffalo, I’ve never been but I hear they have the best food in Buffalo’. No he didn’t mention our snowy winters, it was the food LOL

Buffalo is a city of food for sure, from wings to weck, but we also do sweets well like our sponge candy! Back in the day, before I moved here, Freddie’s Doughnuts was city favorite. Freddies was located on Main at Michigan Downtown and was a longstanding tradition for residents of Buffalo it was the Northern answer to Krispy Kreme before Krispy Kreme exsisted, serving up favorites like their peanut sticks. Freddies sold their last doughnut in 1989, the building was demolished and the lot remains vacant today. Word is Freddie’s Doughnuts are coming back to Buffalo, But will they taste the same as the original Freddies? They will, the man bringing them back has purchased the rights to the original recipes, the only “hitch”, you’ll have to track them down as the doughnuts will be sold on bicycles not at a traditional brick and mortar store. That’s right, Friday and Saturday mornings on Hertel and Elmwood you’ll be able to buy the original Freddies Doughnuts. You can find them via social media using #FindFreddie, or by going to the Freddies Facebook page to pinpoint the current location of the nearest seller starting this weekend, April 22nd.



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