It looks like New York is a fun place to be this year! WalletHub recently released a study "2017's Most Fun States in America" ranking states based on 22 key metrics to determine the state's "funness". Metrics like , Restaurants per Capita, Movie Theaters per Capita, Golf Courses & Country Clubs per Capita, Amusement Parks per Capita, Performing-Arts Theaters per Capita, Fitness Centers per Capita, Access to National Parks, Casinos per Capita and Variety of Arts, Entertainment & Recreation Establishments. These items were funneled into two categories "Entertainment & Recreation" and "Nightlife" which held the final ranking positions.


Fun is obviously subjective but when you take multiple factors into the decision it becomes more objective. So we already know that New York is 5th in fun, why are they ranked there?

  • 6th – Restaurants per Capita
  • 31st – Movie Theaters per Capita
  • 31st – Golf Courses & Country Clubs per Capita
  • 20th – Amusement Parks per Capita
  • 1st – Performing-Arts Theaters per Capita
  • 14th – Fitness Centers per Capita
  • 32nd – Access to National Parks
  • 29th – Casinos per Capita
  • 14th – Variety of Arts, Entertainment & Recreation Establishments

The fact that New York only ranks less than average in three of these fields in pretty impressive. So which state is the "most fun" in US? The honor landed with Nevada! Ranking first in both "Entertainment & Recreation" and "Nightlife". I think we can all agree on those factors alone it makes sense for Nevada to take top billing! How did the top ten list round out?


See the full rankings HERE.

I think we can all say we never would have thought that the Dakotas would finish above New York, let alone make the top 5!

Source: WalletHub

To see exactly what helped the states shoot to the top of this you can see the full methodology and weight system for the rankings at WalletHub.

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