Farmers are what keep this nation fed and there's no question it's not an easy job.  With fluctuating prices, it makes it even harder.  This bill has been proposed to help when prices drop.

When the price of milk drops, it's the dairy farmers that lose.  Imagine your paycheck was on a floating scale.  It's not based on hard work, or commision, but simply the price that people were willing to pay for it.

While many people say that that's basic economics, it doesn't make sense to not help the people who are providing food for our nation.  That's where this bill comes in.

It's being proposed by Senator Kristen Gillibrand.  The idea is that there would be a price floor set for milk at $23.34 per hundredweight.  If the price of milk drops below that amount, a payment would be made to dairy farms to help stabilize them.  It's called the Dairy Farm Sustainability Act.

“Historically low milk prices are devastating New York’s dairy farming communities, and this legislation would improve the existing safety net to stabilize these farms during periods of very low milk prices,”  - Senator Kristen Gillibrand

According to WBNG, the act would only take place during periods of very low milk prices.  The current Margin Protection Program would be in effect while the prices are above the price floor.

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