I know a lot people think the sport of Tennis is boring to watch, but I love it.  I admit there was I time when I agreed with those who think it’s boring, but over the last three to four years I’ve really gotten in to watching.  Part of that might be the appeal of the Williams sisters who bring so much to the court when they play.  And it’s not just the level of their game; it’s their appearance on the court.  They’re so entertaining with their flashy outfits, some are downright distracting.  It’s been about six months since Serena Williams  has been on a tennis court due to illness and injury and she isn’t ready to compete just yet, but she did hit the court recently to lob some balls around.  That in itself is a headline but of course that’s not what is grabbing people’s attention.   What is turning people’s heads is the skin tight  pink body suit she wore.  Serena isn’t one to wear something blah on the court and she didn’t disappoint with this ensemble.

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