Seth Ennis is one of country's most interesting up-and-comers, but he knows that comes with a cost. In his "Woke Up in Nashville" video, the artist unpacks the emotions accompanying uprooting a life and heading off to Music City to follow a dream, leaving many things — and people — behind.

The music video, shot in black and white, depicts the regret of the pop-country ballad with shots of a lonely-looking Nashville and an even lonelier-looking Ennis. The singer tells the story of what it was like to realize he'd traded a career for the thing he actually needed most.

“It’s really a song about anybody moving for any dream, not just necessarily Nashville and this whole music dream. That transition of moving away from home and leaving everything to go and try to chase this dream, then realizing that the real dream is what you had,” he explains. "It’s been cool to see the feedback and that people are grabbing on to it and it means something to them."

Though he doesn't go out on a limb and say he'd like to go back in time and never pursue music, he certainly feels the weight of the woman he's lost now that he's without her. A woman does appear in the video portraying Ennis' former flame, but only in passing, fleeting like the relationship itself.

The song has hints of a pop power ballad, but keeps its country flavor with Ennis' twang. The singer-songwriter co-wrote the tune with David Hodges and Blair Daly, and even recorded the guitar, piano and drums himself. At just 23, he's already making his mark on the genre — and he's got plenty of time to get back out there when it comes to finding his soulmate.

Ennis is headed out on the road with Luke Bryan later this year for his Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day Tour.

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