It's been a very eventful day across New York State in terms of the weather.

Severe thunderstorms rolled through Western and Central New York this morning, including reports of a tornado that touched down in Wyoming County around 11 am. There was a tornado warning for the region near Silver Creek until 11:15 am, issued by the National Weather Service.

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The threat of severe weather will continue for those in the eastern half of New York State on Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service, there is a severe thunderstorm watch for much of New York today, which will go until 8 pm.

These severe storms have the ability to produce heavy downpours, large hail, gusty winds and even a possible tornado.

The greatest risk will be during the mid afternoon, so stay alert out there, especially if you plan on driving or being outside at all. These storms can happen very fast, which was evident in Western and Central New York earlier today.

The good news is that the weather looks much more quiet and even sunny for much of the weekend, with heat and humidity making its way back for next week. Some areas could see temps in the high '80s or even 90 degrees, as we work out way into August.

Stay safe out there the rest of today.

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