This past week was some fantastic weather across the State of New York. It was the week of weather most everyone was waiting on, considering March and April brought less than stellar weather with a fair amount of rain, snow and cold temperatures.

As nice as this past week was, the start of this week will have a far different story for the weather.

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The high temperatures for Monday will only be in the 60's and be even cooler on Tuesday, as highs will only be in the high 50's here in Western New York.

The National Weather Service announced on Sunday the threat of severe weather for Monday, across New York State.

Those who live west of Geneva and Fulton will see the greatest risk of severe thunderstorms on Monday. Upstate New York and those regions downstate, near New York City, have an enhanced risk of severe weather.

Regions in Western New York have the least risk, but still a threat of severe weather on Monday.

The main threat from these severe thunderstorms is the damaging wind, which could bring down tree limbs and power lines. Hail and heavy downpours of rain are also possible with these severe thunderstorms.

The storms will develop in the late morning and move east-northeast through Monday afternoon.

Be mindful of this is you're going to be out and about on Monday, or even just driving. As we know, even a brief downpour with hail can cause severely reduced visibility for drivers.

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