Need a smile today? Dan + Shay's Shay Mooney has that all handled for you, having posted the cutest video of himself sharing some musical quality time with baby son Asher.

In the clip, Mooney is strumming "Love What You’ve Done With The Place,” a tune he co-wrote that ended up on Rascal Flatts' 2017 album Back to Us ("Wrote this song about my sexy wifey," Mooney noted in the caption). Little Asher, who just learned to walk a couple weeks ago and is still unsteady on his feet, is mesmerized by his dad's guitar and crawls over to bat at the strings.

Mooney offers him the instrument, coaxing "Hit it...get the last note," but the little boy suddenly gets an adorable case of stage fright and freezes up. His father helps out by placing his hand on the strings, but Asher's had it at that point, and decides to crawl off instead.

If it turns out guitar isn't Asher's jam, from the looks of the video it appears he's got a pretty sweet baby-sized piano at his disposal to practice on, too.

Asher was born to Mooney and his then-fiancee Hannah Billingsley in January 2017. The couple got engaged in August 2016, revealed they were expecting a baby that October, and shared that they were having a boy shortly after Christmas. The pair were married in Oct. 2017, and little Asher was carried down the aisle in a baby tuxedo, according to People.

Dan + Shay kept busy with their Obsessed Tour last fall, and released their new single "Tequila," as a taster for their new upcoming album. Though they're tight-lipped on details and release dates, they say fans' reaction to the song makes them "hopeful" for the rest of the project.

Dan + Shay are set to hit the road as an opening act on Rascal Flatts' 2018 Back to Us Tour.

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