Going out to eat with family and friends at a restaurant in Western New York is one of the best activities to do, especially in summertime.

Personally, I love going out to eat at sit-down restaurants. It's one of my favorite everyday activities. I say everyday, but realistically, it only happens once or twice a week.

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There are plenty of great spots to go to, either locally-owned or a national chain.

However, there are sometimes instances that leave you scratching your head at what certain customers do. You may think of not leaving a tip, and while that is something that should never happen, another thing I saw last week left me scratching my head.

My fiancée and I went to Tully's on French Road in Cheektowaga (near Depew and West Seneca) last week for dinner. It's one of our favorite spots to go to and is always good in food and service.

However, we witnessed a customer doing something I don't ever think I have ever seen anyone do before at a sit-down restaurant.

This customer was part of a big party of people; perhaps six or seven at one table. To make enough room at their table, this customer kept putting dirty dishes and cups on an adjacent table that was cleaned off by staff to get ready for a future party of patrons.

This customer did this at least three times, and each time the staff was confused why dirty dishes kept appearing on this cleaned-off table.

I get wanting to have a cleaned off table for your party, but that should never happen for obvious reasons. I have never seen that before in my entire life.

I'm not sure if anything ever came from it, but I felt bad for the staff who was working hard on a busy evening to wait on and clean off tables.

Has anyone ever seen anything like that?

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