It is illegal to hunt, kill, sell, purchase, or possess migratory birds or their parts (feathers, nests, eggs, etc.) except as permitted by regulations adopted by USFWS and DEC.

The spring is almost here and so is the return of Canada geese to the area. Flocks and flocks of them will be scattered around golf courses, parks and maybe even your backyard! They make a big mess and can be a huge pain if they stick around too long.

There is a goose season in the fall here in New York State. But that does not do any good for those who are frustrated and wants to get the flock out of their yard.

Can You Legally Shoot Geese In Spring In New York?

Hunting waterfowl is exciting! We have three sons and recently went to the Western New York Sport and Travel Expo and each of the wanted a duck call! Sounded like a good idea. However, three boys under 7 years old with duck calls can be almost as annoying as a gaggle of geese messing up your sidewalk.

The days are getting longer and soon you will see geese setting up their nests. Geese will typically return to the same nesting area from year to year. There are a few times when these geese and their goslings will cross back and forth from field to nest and can delay traffic. In Hamburg, New York there is always a large amount of geese that cross McKinley Parkway near the fairgrounds tying up traffic in the morning and afternoon as they move from feeding to nesting areas.

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