New York is known for some higher fees and taxes than in most states. But it doesn't win the highest award for one tax in particular. New York falls all the way back to ninth place in the sales tax race!

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When it comes to sales tax on items purchased, New York was believed to be near the top. Given the alarming rate of property tax, school tax, gas tax and other extraordinary fees that never seem to go down, it would seem that the Empire State would also lead the surge on sales taxes.

According to 24/7 Wall Street, it's Louisiana that wins the title! New York has an average combined local and state sales tax of around eight-and-a-half percent. Louisiana has the highest sales tax in the nation, while four states don't levy any sales tax.

With a combined total of 9.98 percent, can there be any doubt why the residents in Louisiana are often referred to as  Ragin' Cajuns?

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