Let's face it, we have it pretty easy for traffic compared to other cities in the United States. Buffalo truly is a 20-minute town. Meaning, it usually doesn't take more than 20 minutes to get from one point to another. Even drives from Hamburg to Lockport don't take more than 35 minutes if there's not an accident that hinders the traffic flow.

That's not to say that there are not trouble spots for traffic in Western New York, because there clearly are. What about Niagara Falls Blvd in the Amherst and Tonawanda area? Transit Road in Williamsville or even Union in Cheektowaga.

The longer you have lived in Buffalo, the better you get at navigating through the area. You also find yourself using go-to shortcut routes to bypass major roads and busy intersections.

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Which are the best shortcuts, though?

That's often up to debate with locals. However, there are many roads that most will agree on. Most of them connect two major (heavy traffic) roads that ideally, you would like to avoid at all costs -- or at least, avoid a portion of said road.

Next time you're looking to save some time off your commute, try these different shortcut roads in Western New York!

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