I had a chance to be at the Jam In The Valley once again this year. if you missed this years, do not miss it next year. It is one of the best ways to spend your Independence Day weekend.

I think one of the classiest parts about the whole thing is the fact that on both nights, there is a point before the headliners are on stage that the anthems for both the United States and Canada are performed. This has come up in conversation recently.

Should both anthems be featured at events?One of the questions that comes up is whether or not in Texas or California if they perform the Mexican anthem? I doubt it. My guess is that the tradition of "Dual Anthems" started around sporting events. Most specifically professional hockey and baseball. It seems to me that both sports not only draw fans from both sides of the border but they also have athletes from both sides that are stars in both leagues. What do you think? Is it necessary to have both anthems featured? Does it depend on the event?

I personally like the idea of having both performed. Living where we live, it seems to fit perfectly that we honor our neighbors to the north. Besides, I think the Canadian anthem is one of the better ones. (Second of course to the Star Spangled Banner)

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