Even though fall activities such as haunted houses, corn mazes, and hayrides are still happening here in Western New York, there are still questions unanswered about what will happen with trick-or-treating?

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There's one major county in the country who has already said "no" to all trick-or-treating.

According to WGRZ, all trick-or-treating has been banned in Los Angeles County, by the LA County Department of Public Health. This includes door-to-door trick-or-treating, car-to-car trick-or-treating for Halloween, along with Halloween parties and haunted houses.

The Department of Health states these activities pose too much of a risk for public health, related to COVID-19.

There are some activities allowed in L.A. County this year, such as costume contests, pumpkin-carving, and drive-thru attractions. Those drive-thru events can allow "treat bags" to be handed out but only "commercially packaged non-perishable treats."

So, what will happen here in Western New York and New York State as a whole?

The COVID-19 positivity numbers and total hospitalizations could very well play into that decision but can you remember when trick-or-treating didn't happen?

What do you think? Should all trick-or-treating be allowed to go on as normal?

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