County Executive Mark Poloncarz released a report on Twitter encouraging schools to examine consolidation and whether it would work.  Would it work in your district?

The report was titled "Examining School District Expenses & Potential for Consolidation in Erie County," and it brought up some really good questions.  The biggest of course are "does it make sense for your town's district?" and "will it benefit the student?"


The report details the fact that schools represent 52% of the property taxes collected from 2017.


So, according to this report, how that money is spent is very important.  Poloncarz points out that some of the highest rated districts have two things in common:

1.) They are larger

2.) They spend less per student

So how do the schools become bigger and spend less?  According to this report, schools should consider consolidating with other districts not only for the numbers of students, but also for the benefit to the student.

This is just a few of the slides from the report.  These don't even include the incentives from New York State, but I would encourage you to check out the whole report on County Executive Poloncarz' twitter page.  Does consolidation make sense for your district and your children?

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