With Veterans Day coming up, we were thinking of purchasing a new American flag. I happened to be at a national chain store which will remain nameless and noticed they had some flags. I picked one up and it was clearly labeled "Made in China." I wish I could say I was surprised.

Instead of hunting for an American-made American flag I headed to the Made in America Store. I picked up a flag, a pole and brackets. The flag is always a symbol of our country’s glorious history. This American-made flag is a symbol of our future. It was made by Americans for Americans; and somewhere the money I spent on it is being spent in the U.S.A, hopefully on 100% American-made products. As always, the easiest way to buy 100% American-made products is to go to the Made in America store at 900 Maple Road in Elma, N.Y., or online at saveourcountryfirst.com. This weekend, in honor of Veterans Day, there will be special discounts on all sales.

Remember, if every one of us spent an additional $3.33 on American-made goods, we’d create 10,000 jobs. It’s that easy.

100% American Made is a blog dedicated to the growing “Buy American” movement. Each week we’ll highlight common products that are made by the sparkplug of the American economy - the American worker.


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