Its that time of year when it's too cold to be outside, and there isn't a ton of snow to have fun why not hang out indoors and catch up on some TV?

There are so many choices these days.  We still have regular network TV, but so many people also watch shows through streaming services.  Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, they're all out there and (relatively) cheap to have.

So what are my favorite shows to watch on these services?

Netflix:  The Witcher - if  you were a fan of Game of Thrones, you might like this one.  It stars Superman's Henry Cavil, but he's definitely not a clean cut character like Superman.  He's what they call a Witcher - a professional monster hunter..  Be prepared though, this one is not for the kids as there's lots of crude language, violence, nudity, and some sexual situations.  So...just like Game of Thrones.

Hulu:  Letterkenny - This is one of the strangest Canadian based comedies I've ever seen.  Truthfully, I watched one scene that my brother suggested and said, "that is the dumbest thing I've ever seen."  Then I watched the first episode from start to finish and I was hooked.  The main character is like Napoleon Dynamite in his actions, but he's also the toughest guy in his town of Letterkenny.  Another one that you probably don't want to watch with the kids.  There's some strong language and sexual situations in it.  It's not for everyone, but I love it.  I can't wait for the next season to come out.


Disney+:  The Mandalorian - Obviously this show is huge with Star Wars fans and it's even bringing in new fans with what many people are calling "Baby Yoda."  The tiny little character that many people have fallen in love with is actually called "the Child."


If you are a huge fan of Disney Parks though, you really should watch "The Imagineering Story."  We used to vacation to Disney World quite often when I was a kid so I LOVED this.  It tells the history of Disney parks from the very beginning of Disney Land in California to the thought process that brought about Disney parks over seas.  This one is super interesting for Disney fans.


There are so many to choose from.  What are your favorite streaming service shows?

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