You can imagine how many people have asked us to promote their kids or their friends who are trying to make it in the industry. I can't blame them. I think that all it may take sometimes is a break or perhaps a proverbial foot in the door to get your name out in to a sea of others who are trying to make their mark on a very popular and lucrative business like country music.

I had a chance to experience a singer/songwriter from Western New York without being preempted by anyone's request.

As one of the first acts at the P and B Jamboree over the weekend, Tyler Gillis (a young man who grew up in Gowanda,NY) didn't have much of an audience to play in front of. However, as the cliche goes... "the show must go on." I'm just glad I was there to catch it.

Tyler was featured on Bob Kingley's Facebook page as an artist to watch. From what I can tell, he has matured as a singer an performer since then..

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