“Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do,” as Denise Mansfield once said, though I don’t think Denise was referring to begging for followers on social media. 

But hey, if that’s what you “gotta do,” then do what you “gotta do.”

One Buffalo Bill did exactly that.

Siran Neal has been a cornerback on the Buffalo Bills roster since he was drafted in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and while you may recognize him and be able to point him out as #33 on the football field, that doesn’t mean that Neal has a lot of Twitter followers.

And you can’t really blame the guy because he just didn’t have Twitter as a social media — until this weekend.

Over the weekend, Siran Neal took to Twitter on his new account @SiranNeal_ to declare that he was back on Twitter and asking Bills fans to follow his new account. 

“I’m Baaack!!! So tell a fan to tell a fan to tell more fans Siran Neal is back on Twitter. Let’s get these numbers up so you can follow me and #BillsMafia this upcoming season. ❤️”

You may have saw this tweet, from a relatively new account, and thought to yourself, “this has to be fake, right? The real Siran Neal would never say this?” 

A lot of Bills Mafia members thought the same thing, but Siran Neal offered some proof to show that it was truly his real account. 

“I see a lot of the mafia saying is it really me. I uploaded it on my Instagram story for you guys. Check link below to verify !!!!”

The story is now unavailable, but take my word for it; it is legit. 

Dion Dawkins, Neal’s teammate on the Buffalo Bills, shared Neal’s first tweet, with the comment “@SiranNeal_ back on twitter Bills Mafia.” 

With the Dion Dawkins approval in the form of a retweet, I think we can 100% confirm that the Siran Neal twitter is real, but that leaves me with one question, and maybe you are wondering the same.

Why is Siran Neal not verified on Twitter?

Neal cleared this up later in the weekend after people were messaging him the same question.

“I know it seems to be a little weird but I have to get my followers up in order to be verified! So let’s go #billsmafia let’s run it up.”

If you haven’t yet, go give Siran Neal a follow on Twitter so he can get that blue check. If his feed is anything like Stefon Diggs, the Mafia is going to love it. 

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