Snow and ice conditions during the winter months inevitably lead to slip and fall accidents, which can result in some pretty serious and even life-threatening injuries depending on the severity of the fall itself.

That's why I decided to talk to Rich Barnes at The Barnes Firm - One of America’s Largest Injury Law Firms - right here in Buffalo. I asked how people can avoid finding themselves in a slip and fall situation:

Well, if you live in an apartment complex and see conditions that are potentially dangerous, it's important to report that so it gets taken care of. That also applies to private homeowners. We all have a responsibility towards those that we invite to use our property, whether it's the mailman or the Amazon delivery guy or your next-door neighbor or even your own family, to make sure that snow and ice conditions are dealt with in a prudent and timely manner.

As I mentioned before, though, slip and fall accidents are somewhat inevitable around this time of year, so what should you do if you find yourself in one? Here's what Rich has to say:

Report it to the responsible property owner. Sometimes folks will say, "Well, I don't know if I'm hurt badly or not. I'll wait a few days or a week to see how I'm feeling then." The problem with that is that if there is a serious injury, it makes it more difficult for us to pursue the case if there had not been some reasonably timely reporting done of how the incident happened. Getting health care and medical examinations in a timely manner are important as well.

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