The weather has been phenomenal the last few days, with temperatures staying around 80 through the end of the week.

It has probably made you pull the ultimate Buffalo move, or at least consider doing so.

One man posted a video on the Buffalo subReddit, and I think everyone in Western New York can relate. 

Middle of May in Buffalo be like..” the post read. 

The guy in the video was wise to keep his snow brush in his car, because you know what happens when you take it inside, right?

You cause six more weeks of winter…lol.

I have looked at my snow brush probably a dozen times since we saw temperatures surpass 70, and every time I consider bringing the snow brush inside, it feels…wrong.

One Western New Yorker had a similar thought when they reached into the back seat of his work truck and pulled out their snow brush.

The shop guy apparently appeared out of nowhere and said, “Are you suuuuure you want to do that??”

On second thought, they left the snow brush in the car.

It looks like most people leave their snow brush in the car; they just move the snow brush to the trunk, because you never know in Buffalo.

Memorial Day weekend seems to be the most common day to move your snow brush to the trunk, and then on Labor Day, the snow brush returns to the back seat. 

Are you superstitious with your snow brush? You just never know when it’s going to snow in Buffalo!

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