I'll admit, I thought we were 100 percent done with snow until next November-December, but Mother Nature isn't quite ready to let go off cold weather yet.

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According to WIVB, we can expect snow showers on Friday.

Thursday we'll get into the 40's but rain showers will be around and then mixing in with snow by Thursday afternoon, especially across the higher terrain.

Western New York will see strong strong wind gusts on Friday and continued snow showers, potentially mixing in with rain. Minor accumulations should only be across the southern tier but the snow showers will be around on Friday for many of us.

The low for Friday is expected to be 30 degrees. Luckily, we should get back into the mid-50's by Easter Sunday.

Yeah, snow showers in the second week of April, no thank you...

Read the full forecast at WIVB.

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