Did anyone really think it was over?

Finding snow on top of the cars on Wednesday morning was…unpleasant, to say the least.

It’s not like there was a lot of snowfall in Western New York on Wednesday, but there was just enough to completely cover your yard, and that is annoying in itself.

We’re no strangers to the snow. In fact, Buffalo is the most recent winner of the Snow Globe Award, with a total of 96 inches. (You can see the full list of city snow totals here.

However, I think we can add a little more to that overall total…and another snow record under our belt, as well.

News 4 Meteorologist, Mike Cejka, broke news of Buffalo’s new snow total record on Twitter.  

“If it is going to snow on April 27, you might as well break a record. We did today.” Cejka tweeted. 

As of 5:00 a.m. Wednesday at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, 1.2 inches of snow had fallen. That amount of snowfall more than topped the previous record of snowfall in the history of April 27. The old record was broken back in 1931 in Buffalo with just .2 inches of snow on April 27 of that year.

The snow continued to fall after that recorded number, but it’s nothing compared to the snowfall in South Wales…which got 3.5 inches of snow on Wednesday! 

Even Alden got hit pretty hard (for it being April 27, after all). Take a look at two photos that one Alden resident took of their yard below.


There were pictures circulating on Facebook from Colden, too. Take a look at how much snow fell in one yard in Colden.


Buffalo was even trending at #5 on Twitter Wednesday morning because of the crazy weather shift. Just think…48 hours prior, temperatures were cruising in the 80s, upper 70s. 

But since we broke a snow record today that has been set since 1931, I think we can all agree with the latest tweet from Katie Morse, local morning anchor and news reporter from WKBW.

I guess it’s fine…after all, we all know snow is never truly off limits in Buffalo, no matter what time of the year, yet there’s something about this city that still keeps us here!

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