There are some things you lose and you may never ever find. You can pray to your favorite Saint or retrace your steps and never come up with the thing you misplaced. Then there are some things you wonder how or why they disappear. Perhaps the only realistic way to explain it is that it was stolen?

The snowmobile season in New York State was, in a word, lame. For those of us who bought a sled this year, it was awful! Even the trails in Tug Hill had limited snow and rough conditions this past season. Hopefully next year is better?

The New York State DEC is looking for whoever owns this snowmobile that was found in the woods. Was it stolen? Did someone just abandon it?

The snowmobile clubs will be out across New York picking up the stakes and road signs on the trails as we say goodbye to the snowmobile season. Sure, we could get another blast of snow. However trails are closed and the mud and water would make for a messy ride anyways. Stay off trails that are closed and we can keep a good relationship with landowners.

The spring has arrived and with the spring the bears are starting to wander in New York State. This past weekend, there were multiple bear sightings and residents are reminded to keep their garbage and bird feeders covered or out of the yard as bears are searching for an easy meal.

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