Why lol

In Buffalo, some of the most strangest things happen.

Everyone knows that Frank's hot sauce is a staple in Western New York. Some of us just love it on everything. Some of us mix it in with our ranch dressing. Most of us eat our wings with it. It's just something that is associated with Western New Yorkers, even though it hails from Cincinnati.

If you were driving on Elmwood this weekend and you were kind of by the Albright Knox Art Gallery you may have seen a gallon of Frank's Red Hot Sauce just chilling on the bridge there. Why is it there? Who knows, but it is certainly a very Buffalo picture that we knew we just had to share.

Although chicken wings to some 'are not a meal', the Globe Restaurant in East Aurora was doing a challenge that involved chicken wings .

It was called the gargantuan challenge and if you finish you get a shirt and you'll be full for days. Here's what you have to eat in 45 minutes or less otherwise, it is not free and then you have to pay.

-One full fish fry
-10 wings
-One full beef on weck
-One Sahlen's hot dog

What do you think is the easiest one to get down? The chicken wings?

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