There will only be about 17,000 fans in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday for the AFC Championship game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs and the resale ticket prices are extremely high in price, but that hasn't stopped Bills fans from traveling to Kansas City.

According to WIVB, Southwest Airlines is already sold out for tickets from Buffalo to Kansas City this weekend.

April Engram with AAA says you have to act fast if you want to fly out from Rochester if you're planning on going to the game.

“Looking at how Buffalo snagged them up really quickly Rochester fans may be soon to follow,” Engram said.


“They’re not sold out in Rochester yet but that interest is definitely there and it’s picking up. Right now if you’re looking to fly out you’re looking at $400 to $450 for a round trip ticket and of course, you have driving as an option, added Engram.

The hype is understandable. It's the Bills' first time in the AFC Championship game since January of 1994.

Tickets are very pricey. Two tickets are looking to run you $1,200 to $4,500 if you're buying two tickets and $750 and $840 if you're looking to purchase four.

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The stadium capacity will be roughly 22 percent, due to the pandemic. There will be a lot of Bills fans in Kansas City for the game though, despite the prices and limitations, that's for certain.

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