He is the cutest! Move over KiKi Dee, you ain't got nothing on this cat! LOL They're both cute, but Spartacus is cuter! I was sitting on the couch doing some work and I looked over and Spartacus was super focused on something outside. I had opened the windows earlier because I LOVE fresh air. Spartacus also like the fresh air to, he gets really close to the screen and just start sniffing. Anyway, I got up and walked over and realized there were about a dozen birds in the yard hopping around. He was pretty sure he was going to grab one. I sat down and watch him for a little bit and it was too cute I decided to film it!

Is he not the cutest? There could have been about a 45 minute video of him at each part of the window but I figured this would get the point across! It's just another sign of spring! The windows are open and the birds are out a chirping! Let's hope the consistent spring weather gets here soon!

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