The prices Western New Yorkers pay for their cable television are going up this week. According to the reports, it will cost more to have Spectrum cable service.

Spectrum says beginning Friday, the broadcast TV fee will be going up by more than $3.21 per month. Spectrum's monthly equipment fee is also rising by one-dollar to $9.99. also reported that:

For new customers who are paying a promotional price for their Spectrum TV, Internet or Voice plan, the higher regular plan price will not take effect until the end of the promotional period.

The networks are allegedly charging more for their content and this a classic story of the trickle down effect. Prices are being passed on down to customers. But given the current state of the inflation and economy, it may be hard for people to swallow. The hard reality is that families are paying a bunch of money for gas and other necessities these days and it may be tough for them to keep up with the rising prices of cable.

We have Spectrum internet service at our home. It is something that we need to have for our jobs and for the kids to do school work or, if need be, be on WiFi for remote learning. As far as TV goes, we don't watch much of the standard network shows. Most of what we watch is on a streaming service. Netflix, Disney+ and a few other streaming services are the most popular in our home.

The new fees start as of March 18th.

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